Distance Learning       Distance Learning

Develop high-level, transferable skills and knowledge that will be in demand both within the academic community, and by business and industry.

Part-time Courses       Part-time Courses

We put you at the heart of a learning experience that has successfully delivered educational and career benefits to thousands of professionals.

Mobile Training       Mobile Training

The institution offers mobile training to in-service students, who may not have the capability of travelling to the main campus. Mobile training school runs for a period of two weeks.

Full-time Courses       Full-time Courses

Find out about the outstanding learning and teaching experience we can offer you, helping you to become the best you can be.


Who we are

Welcome to Africa's No. 1 Hotel & Tourism Training Institute

There is so much to learn outside the classroom

What started out as a department of Hotel Management at Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Sciences grew to be the hub of hospitality and Tourism training in Zambia and contributes to the development of the sector both within Zambia and the entire continent of African.

In order to get a first class education, HTTI was the most appropriate place to start! - Mubanga Chanda